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Destination in Myanmar - NYAUNG U

Nyaung-U  is the administrative town of Nyaung-U Township of Nyaung-U District in the Mandalay Region of central Myanmar. It lies on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River. It is just 4 kilometers away from old Bagan, a popular tourist attraction.[1] The Shwezigon Pagoda is located there. The other popular places in and around Nyaung-U were Htilominlo Pagoda, Gubyaukgyi Pagoda, Ahlodawpyae Pagoda and Hgnet Pyit Taung Hill



This large temple was built by King Nantaungmya in 1218. Situated close to the road between Nyaung U and Bagan. The name is a misreading of the Pali word for 'Blessings of the Three Worlds'. Nantaungmya erected the temple on this spot because it was here that he was chosen, from among five brothers, to be the crown prince. The legendary saying is that, the five princes were standing in a circle and the white umbrella in the middle.



Gubyaukgyi Wetkyi-inn is close to Wetkyi-in village, from which the name of the temple was derived. This 13th-century 'cave temple' has an Indian-style spire like the Mahabodhi Pagoda in Bagan. It is interesting for the fine frescoes of scenes from the jatakas. There is another temple of the same name in Myinkaba, and to distinguish between theses two, this monument is sometimes called 'Wetkyi-in Gubyaukgyi'.



Ahldawpyae Pagoda is located between the new Bagan and the village of Bagan, this temple is style of tradition between the first period and the intermediate period. Ahlodawpyae means "Fulfillings of wishes".It still expresses traces of the Pyu culture, with the stupa placed on the superstructure, which preceded the arrival by Sikkhara as in Nat Hlaung Kyaung then in Nanpaya, the first temples of bricks..



Hgnet Pyit Taung is located in Nyaug U & Wet Kyi In region.Hgnet Pyit Taung meaning, the hill of the cut down bird and refers to the legends of the king which killed the bird is one of most significant place in Nyaung U. Several monasteries like the monastery of Shin Arahan, can be seen in this region. Shin Arahan opened the door to Theravada Buddism in Bagan region.