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Destination in Myanmar - HOMALIN

Homalin or Hommalinn  is a small town in northwestern Burma and capital of the Homalin Township in Hkamti District of the Sagaing Division. The town lies on the Chindwin River and is served by Homalin Airport. The Tamanthi Wildlife Reserve extends into the Homalin Township. Gold has been found in the river sand of Uyu River and extraction has been undertaken jointly with the Russians. The town also has a drug (heroin) manufacturing unit maintained by an Infantry Battalion of the Myanmar Army.



The 1908 Imperial Gazetteer of India recorded that the steamers of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company plied weekly between Pakokku and Homalin. Government of Myanmar also plied its launches on this route.[1][2] During World War II, Homalin on the bank of the Chindwin River, was occupied by the Japanese in late May/early June 1944.

Following this, after the Japanese were defeated, the town was combed thoroughly to remove any Japanese soldiers and this was followed by further preparations to counter any Japanese gunboat attacks from the river side.On August 6, 1988, an earthquake with an epicentre near Homalin killed 3 people, damaging infrastructure.

Myanmar had the distinction of accounting for 60% of world’s heroin supply, in 1997, with the production of about 2500 tonnes of opium. Particularly in North Burma, the Army has been maintaining the drug refineries.[citation needed]The 22nd Infantry Battalion (IB) has a refinery at Homolin, apart from other places in the region, which establishes “The Regime's Complicity in the global drug trade.